Achieve organizational excellence
through applied psychological science.

About Psyent

We are a consultancy and outsourcing company that applies psychological science in recruitment, selection, psychometric assessment, talent & organizational development. We are an international team and network of consultants, psychologists, HR professionals, and recruiters, with mutual goals to help organizations overcome talent-related and organizational challenges and maximize their human potential.
We do that by applying cutting-edge technologies and tools, combining years of business experience with psychological science - a recipe for achieving effective science-based results.
We help you find, screen, assess, hire, grow, and keep the right talents. Create teams that win. We make sure your business makes organizational changes that elevate your company’s health, strength, and effectiveness and thrive upon human growth and immaculate performance.

Meet the team

Get to know our specialists and experts. The people behind Psyent.
Team 11
Tome Nedinkovski
Co-Founder & Managing Director/ Talent Consultant / Psychologist

Team 10
Frosina Stojkoski
Co-Founder & Managing Partner / Talent Consultant / Psychologist

Team 7
Simona Stefanovska
People Strategy Lead / Talent Consultant & Psychologist

Team 4
Emilija Ribarska
Lead Tech Sourcer

Team 8
Milena Pashoska
Talent Consultant / Psychologist & Researcher

Employee 8
Marija Taneska
External Consultant / Psychologist

Team 1
Nada Lalchevska
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Employee 11
Kevin Vermillion
Strategic Partner / RISE Analysis Partner

Team 2
Sara Zlatanovska
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Employee 5
Misa Pavicevic
Strategic Partner - EAB / Senior Management Consultant

Team 3
Jana Petreska

Team 23
Sara Buchkovska
Branding Consultant / Graphic Designer


Our mission is to help companies all around the world to grow, build efficient teams, develop their human capital to the fullest, and gain organizational excellence through applied psychological science.


Our vision is to contribute to creating a healthier, more productive, and highly-functional working society by setting up new standards for nurturing mental health, satisfaction, and growth at work.


Together we achieve more.
Partner 2

Our CORE Values.

We believe your organizational potential can be developed in many ways, backed by science, by mutual agreement, and we always make your company a priority. We believe in YOU.


We believe that the best results can be achieved by applying scientific findings into practice. That's scientifically proven.


It is in our core value that we always deliver what we have agreed upon. We believe in collaborations that are based on trust and transparency.


We challenge the status quo. Always looking for new, more effective, and efficient ways to apply science so we can achieve better results.


Taking our customers' needs as a priority and giving our best to add value. That's how we work, that's what we promote.

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